Bob Burnside – Karpinsky Fire

This excerpt is from Bob’s full hour documentary film Good to be Home, in which he recounts his life memories. It’s the touching story of how he and his father helped to put out a fire in a neighbour’s house during a blizzard, using only buckets of snow.

Garnet Nix – Life with Molly

Garnet Nix was the consummate storyteller with a steel trap memory for detail and a charming wit to boot. This short excerpt from the full length documentary film Memoirs of Garnet Nix is about his courtship with Molly, his wife of 73 years.

Loving Tribute Stories – Living Legacy Documentary Films

Tell the story of your loved ones for future generations to cherish in a beautiful documentary film. Living Legacy Films is a branch of Drew Morey Productions, a full service video production company founded in 1999 serving corporate, social agency, healthcare and educational clients. Our passion has always been to tell the human side of every story in the most …

Memories of Aalt and Ena DeVogel

Every family has its heroes; for the DeVogel kids, it was, is and will always be, Mom and Dad. Setting a lifelong example of people first / family first, Aalt and Ena were always there for their own kids and for anyone else they had the power to help. This loving tribute is a reflection of many of the stories …

Bob Burnside – Good to be Home (excerpt)

Bob Burnside reminisces and reflects on his life in a full hour autobiographical video memoir, starting with anecdotes about life in post war Amaranth township and culminating in life lessons intended for a much younger generation of viewers. This is a 4:46 excerpt.

Bon Voyage, Liz

This corporate tribute video is heartwarming salute to President and CEO of Headwaters Health Care Centre on the eve her retirement . Liz Ruegg won the love and respect of everyone she  worked with during her long career, first in nursing, and then in senior management. Scores of well wishers on every level of the corporate ladder, from front line …

Every Town Needs a Doc

The town of Orangeville, with its modest population of 26,000, enjoys many infrastructure benefits that are not easy to find in communities of a similar size, or even many that are much larger. The difference in Orangeville can be traced back to the volunteering passion of a gifted developer named Doc Gillies. This heartwarming story is a tribute to how …

Orangeville’s 150th Birthday

We were approached by the mayor of Orangeville to produce a commemorative video of the town’s 150 years as a corporation. The dream was to imitate the 2 million dollar projector show that is screened on the parliament buildings in Ottawa. With a shoestring budget, we managed to create a presentation that included many of the community’s groups and organizations, …

Memoirs of Robin Morey

Robin Morey spent a lifetime trying in her own way to push the limits of adventure and creativity. This tribute, told in her own words, encapsulates the pioneering spirit that has made her so admired and respected by her family and friends. Artist, mother, traveller and explorer – meet Robin Morey.